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while you were sleeping: 
12th-Aug-2009 12:15 pm
is a very good movie and i haven't watched it inf orever.

i have been busy having fun.
Also, getting drunk and smoking too much.
I hate cops.
I hate hiding in closets all cramped up.
But i have been adventuring.
I had to hide from murderers, watched too much BONES, have bouncy little nickles from dime, and i forget what i am saying.
i am chilling with dylan.
he is chill.
\we chill.
it's how we do. we doo.
isn't that a part of a song "we do, we do-"

i need to shower.
i don't smell gross, but it's that gross feeling.
you know?
like- just gross.

dylan has on my harry and the potters shirt.
be jealous.
he stole it from my CHEST.

thats a lie, he just wanted a comfy shirt to nap in, which we are about to go do.

after i shower, o'course.

OHG the important part.
I don't like talking about VOldy, you knopw that.
But he is very, very-- you get why it was such an addiction, you know?
when he's around, things are good, really good.

but he doesnt stick around long.
or he just fucks you over againa nd again.

dylan: who are you talking about?
me:lord voldemoat
dylan: you mean lord voldemort?


now he is playing with plastic things.
like yo dickkk.
i am slightly hung over and i still feel drunk?

oh god, so i have to take this medicine right, cause i have swimmers itch on my elbows?
but it might like, make me really sick so i have to carefully monitor myself.
we are discussing my grandma and how she once was flowers.

what is your problem?
i swear, little kids.
stop rubbing them on your body.
pink eye,chicken pox, now a cold?
jesus, you're more susceptible to illness than any three year old.

shower time!
love you and such and the usuallll.

Lust here.
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