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we are dancers. this is kinda sad, i'm high and on livejournal. god… 
12th-Aug-2009 06:35 pm
we are dancers.
this is kinda sad, i'm high and on livejournal.
god this cd started out horrible.
oh ti is continuing horrible.
since i'm higher i can understand and chill with it.
fuck reggae is some crazy shit ahahahhahah
oh god, this "reggae" is

adam sandler

"yous hould get a tatto"
"right heres ( while drawing a circle on my back)"
"it should be a circle and it should say 'life is a joke."

and im lookin for someone who can understanddd
and im looking for someone
is it you is it youu
baby youre the one im waitin forrr

someoen who i could trusts
whos heart is rightt
someone who lsitens and someone who can fall without the feeling afraid of the toupee?

we're aklll shaken n dancin.
koitttens wannana get high

upside of a desk chair and computer.
i get to move it move it move it.
im  in the chair and when i move it moves and this is fantastic, my body is elecrtics.

sorry i sound so rediculous and shiould stop writing this but i  miss you.

shit, thsi post actually was going to be about devon, and just, idk it would be understandable.

at lkeast not to you.
i always feel horrible about myself, when you say some things.
like "he never loved you."
jungle boogie




i reach for the skkkkkkkky


i jsut ate an entire cake, i think.
i may or may not be eating my dr.pepper can

oh god, i am pretty sure he juust dropped oiol all over hsi foot.
boiling oil.

dr.pepper has no real taste.
its like a HIT of flavor and then a bunch of soda whater, but no one ever notices.
i am noticing.
stop shorting me on pepper, doc.

are you achinf or some bacon?
i jsut sang that to you.

fuck, you're going to hate me.
i think you, if you knew the things that went on in my mind, that would be bad.
you'd hate every inch of me, im sure.
i am still a kid, in some ways.
i need to be taken care of.
i never really got that so i want that now.
which isn't fair to you.

kfdrgh ugh
im tgonan go curl uip and pout.

im sorry im such a fucking fuck up.
fuck shit.

blue sky
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